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Almond Flour Pizza Crust (Gluten free)

October 20, 2021

Thin and crispy low carb pizza crust made with only 4 ingredients. Suitable for paleo and keto diets.

 Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free

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Who doesn’t love pizza? I absolutely love pizza and of course pizza night! The fact that I am on a healthy eating low carb - gluten free diet doesn’t mean I need to give up pizza.

Yes, it's not the same crust as regular pizza. It's not a soft dough made with yeast, but it's delicious and super easy to bake so give it a try.

This gluten free pizza crust is made with only 4 ingredients, almond flour, eggs, baking soda, and salt. The outcome is a thin crispy and low carb pizza crust. The crust is baked twice- One time on its own to set and then with the toppings again.

Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free Recipe

The process of making this gluten free pizza is simple and requires mixing the crust ingredients and rolling it between two parchment papers. The crust is made with a sticky dough, don’t try to roll it as is because it will most probably stick to the rolling pin. It is not a regular dough that you can roll with more flour to make it less sticky.

After you roll the dough, remove the top parchment paper and bake the crust for 10 minutes on its own. Then add the sauce and cheese and the other topping (if using) and bake again altogether. Serve it hot and enjoy every bite!

 Recipe Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free

I made a Margherita pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil leaves. Margherita was Italy's queen and this simple pizza was made for her in Naples, the colors are the colors of Italy's flag- red, white, and green and this is the most known type of pizza around the world. I add the basil leaves after the pizza is baked, they turn mushy if you bake them with the pizza. If you prefer other types of pizza topping, you can always change it and use white sauce and add another topping as you would add on a regular pizza base.

Almond flour – almond flour is healthy and low on carbs. This flour is being used to replace regular flour in many gluten free recipes. Almond flour contains many vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber. The fact that it's low on carb and high on fat makes it suitable for paleo and keto diets.

 Easy Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free

This recipe is a dairy one since I added mozzarella cheese on the pizza but, if you don’t use the cheese and just use tomato sauce and add cut vegetables as toppings it's completely dairy free. This gluten free pizza crust fits the paleo diet and is also perfect for Passover dairy dinner.

This gluten free pizza crust is a perfect solution when you crave pizza but don’t do gluten or just want a healthier version. This pizza crust is thin and crispy and it has a delicious almondy flavor that goes along with the tomato, cheese, and basil. If you were avoiding pizza because of diet restrictions try this recipe and you'd be surprised.

Another gluten free option for pizza night is my sweet potato mini pizzas where the crust is simply made of cut sweet potato.

Here is the recipe for this yummy gluten free pizza:

For the crust:

  • 2 cups almond flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt

For the topping:

  • ½ cup tomato sauce (I used sugar free tomato sauce)
  • 1½ cups shredded mozzarella
  • few basil leaves


  1. Set the oven to 180°C/ 350°F with the fan.
  2. In a bowl, mix almond flour, baking soda, and salt.
  3. Add the eggs and mix to a unified dough.
  4. Place the dough on parchment paper and add another parchment paper on top.
  5. Roll the dough to a circle between the two parchment papers.
  6. Remove the top parchment paper and transfer the rolled crust with the parchment paper to a baking pan.
  7. Bake the rolled crust for 10 minutes.
  8. Pour the tomato sauce on the baked crust.
  9. Sprinkle mozzarella cheese on the sauce and bake for 10 more minutes.
  10. Add basil leaves and serve hot.

Best Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free Recipe

 Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free

  Almond Flour Paleo Pizza Crust

 Recipe Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free

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Almond Flour Pizza Crust Gluten free - Renana's Kitchen. Who doesn’t love a good pizza now and again?! I know, I know - that’s really a rhetorical question. Now, unlike most doughy pizzas, I have a gluten free recipe that is just as delicious! But healthier. Give it a try!